Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun Night Out at Nando's Media Party

The Cosmo team attended the Nando's Who Stole Our Peri-Peri Media night at Nando's Sunway Giza last night, and we had loads of fun (and one of us menang iPod lagik!). Check out the pictures!

Upon arrival, kena pose at the Nando's photo wall with crime-scene-props. Anida dah kena tangkap sebab kuat senyum, dan akhirnya Gune dapat pegang pistol! Nasib baik mainan hehehe...

Miss NCIS, Syikin concentrate habis dengar emcee Baki Zainal yang sedang bagi "taklimat" mengenai rules of the games for the night. Looking hot girl!

How we ENJOYED the new mocktails introduced by Nando's. This was Anida's mint peach drink yang sangat sedap...!

Ofcourse, who could NOT say no to their Hot Peri Peri roasted chicken...Yums!

Anida and Farhana ready to rule with their Hawaii Five O gang!

Gune with her CID team and one of them walked away with the RM1,000 cash for guessing the right criminal who stole the Peri-peri plant. Congrats!

Baki Zainal and Jennifer demonstrating the chicken dance.

The five suspects for the Who Stole Our Peri-peri investigative game. A judge and a police officer too? Oh no...!!!

(pics taken using the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3)

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