Friday, July 18, 2008

Bebas Berdikari

Itulah semangat seorang gadis Fun Fearless Fabulous! Seperti kamu yang bijak mengatur kehidupan berdikari dan mengharungi dunia realiti, saya dan team cukup kagum dengan cover girl Cosmo edisi Ogos ini, Fara Fauzana. We had a blast during the cover shoot dengan Fara yang memang gila2 and very down to earth.

Read more about Fara dalam Cosmopolitan Malaysia Ogos ni yang dah mula dijual since Julai 17, 2008. You can't miss it at the newsstand, the bright orange and the friendly Fara smile dalam busana merah hati rekaan Tracy Reese... she's looking hotter and hotter now!

Anida ada interesting stories to share in her next posting. Get your very own Cosmo now and we would like to hear what you think of it!



shin said...

hi beautifulS !! im a huge fan of Cosmopolitan not very much into fashion, coz asyik beli barang2 at FOS n such.but i still look good tho! hehe. anyway, why i love cosmopolitan, i grew up with this magazine! it made me who i am today. content wise, its the best, well-balanced sangat unlike some magazine yang fashion obses, tapi stuffs being highlighted are super expensive and tak relevant.kudos to u girls! ive just sent my entry for WOW WARONG WOW, promoting Penang's famous SWATOW LANE ais kacang. whenever u girls are in penang, call me at 0125101940, im your best tour guide! thank you for everything and dont, dont stop making impacts!

From The Editor said...

Hi Shin,
Thank you for your posting and well wishes. We are honoured to have a reader like you. Thanks for the Wow Wow Warong entry too. Great indeed. Zura will get in touch with you soon. We will let you know next kami pi Penang!